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Letter: Apathy toward seniors

I have thought of writing this letter for quite some time, but hesitated because I believe the powers that be are more than aware of the senior situation and have chosen not to address or purposely ignore it — the same thing. Another reason being that I am still a stranger here, having only lived here 14 years. That’s 14 years that have been wasted as far as doing things I have always wanted to try, or things I enjoy doing in retirement. I was abruptly slammed with reality; no money and no transportation equals doing nothing. There are many seniors wanting and needing some place to go to have socialization and different walls to look at.

We are told what to do and when and where to do it. More and more is taken from us by a society that apparently considers us incapable of making decisions for ourselves. Everything taken from us deprives us of more freedom. What are we offered in these “golden years?” We buy groceries once a week and pick up prescriptions. Both excursions the same specified day at the same specified hour.

I cannot help but feel we are overlooked, abandoned, ignored, considered useless, incapable of making sensible decisions, boring and unnecessary. Speaking for myself, I resent society’s apathetic attitude toward us. I maintain that I am not ready to curl up and call it quits. My intent is not to offend, but to make aware. If you disagree with my opinions and think I don’t belong here I would agree, and I will accept donations with thanks in advance.

Before ending my venting I do want to tell any responsible parties for the benefits we are offered. I am grateful, but I honestly cannot help but think some of it is guilty crumbs. Self-justification perhaps? Glenwood is very pleasant to the eye and welcoming to the tourist. Thank you to anyone with pen and paper and the absence of fear of reprisal to tell it like it is. We are people, too; we have feelings and needs.

Karen Frost

Glenwood Springs

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