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Letter: Apology from Colorado Public TV

I am writing to respond to the “Mixed messages” letter dated July 21 regarding an episode of “Street Level” focusing on Glenwood Springs.

We take full responsibility and apologize for the error of including two brief video shots in the program that showed two people standing on a log at Hanging Lake.

As Colorado natives, we know all too well how our environment is threatened from misuse. We were saddened when we realized our error, and we have corrected the program for any future online use or broadcast.

We have deep respect for Hanging Lake, and the last thing we would want to do is subconsciously encourage the misuse of this amazing and fragile environmental beauty.

Please accept our apology and know that our intention with this season of our “Street Level” series is to put a deserving spotlight on the great stories of Glenwood Springs and the entire valley, which we believe too few of our fellow Coloradans have the opportunity to see.

Dominic Dezzutti

vice president of content, Colorado Public Television

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