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Letter: Arm me, Mr. President

Arm me, Mr. President

With counselors in schools, not 600 kids to one;

Give me specialists, not guns!

Give me people, give me tools,

To help kids comprehend;

A world with changing, murky rules,

A dark, impending end.

Out of control, a child’s life,

They have no tools;

To fight their strife,

Lashing out at rules.

Anger in such little kids,

Does it ever go away?

Or do we cover it with lids?

Maybe cry each night, and pray?

Of famous criminals we know,

What would their teachers say?

Probably had to help those kids,

Just make it through their day.

We see the signs from early on,

Please help kids crying out!

School staff works hard to right the wrongs,

But they need help, before kids shout…

Arm me, Mr. President!

With counselors in schools,

Not 600 kids to one.

Give me specialists,

Not guns!

Mary Murphy (elementary school teacher for over 20 years)


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