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Letter: Arm school teachers with mace

This is my first time ever writing to any publication. I’m a blessed father of eight kids going to Glenwood Springs schools with a little common sense to share.
As a bow hunter in these beautiful mountains every fall I’m in places which could be potentially dangerous and even lethal to me. Bears are in the woods, so I always carry “bear mace” which is non-lethal and often a better deterrent than a gun. Please allow our teachers to carry bear mace, stun guns, or any such things to help protect our kids. Fire extinguishers are in the schools, right? I’m tempted to send this mace in my kids school bags. They many times carry it while in the woods with me.
Seems to me these school shooters are mostly troubled kids who may be able to straighten their lives out if given a chance. I’d like to see that study which would hit really close to home in our society. What percentage of these troubled kids come from broken homes?
Keith Wittenberg,
Glenwood Springs

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