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Letter: Arm teachers with resources

It’s always amusing to me how much attention public schools get after a tragedy, like the one in Florida or the many others that have occurred in the past few years. Everyone has an opinion about it, from arming teachers to creating a police state with armed military personnel at every entrance.

On Monday, we’ll all have gone back to school, where we will try to educate and love all of our children equally. We will continue our lockdowns and drills in preparation for the unknown. Many of you will have forgotten about schools, until the next tragedy, while you sit at home clutching your rifle and muttering “from my cold dead hands.”

Do you want to honestly prevent these things from happening? Then start supporting your schools the rest of the 364 days in the year. Provide funding and support so we can have more teachers, more mental health professionals, and smaller class sizes. Then we can do our jobs and provide a better education and nurturing environment to our children, and hopefully reach those in need before they commit horrific atrocities.

Our classroom teachers frequently see upwards of 100 students per day, and are often held responsible for their academic education as well as acting as nurturing role models. While I am a proponent of further gun control, that issue only looks to minimize the impact of a school shooting, rather than reduce the violence altogether. We need to work together to find a long-term solution, and I believe supporting our local schools is a good start.

Instead of arming teachers with firearms, let’s provide our educators with the resources needed to teach love to our children and prevent the rampant hate that seems to fuel these tragedies.

I am a teacher, a gun owner, and a concealed carry permit holder, and I cannot emphasize this enough: Keep your guns out of my classroom. Instead, arm us with the resources to show all students the individualized love and care they need and deserve.

Want to prevent further atrocities? Start caring about our public schools beyond the aftermath of a school shooting.

Jesse Goryl

New Castle

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