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Letter: Arrogant trustee?

It is with a certain degree of indignation that I read the recent article in the Post Independent regarding the defeat of the CMC ballot question. If, in fact, CMC Trustee-elect Ms. Portscheller was quoted correctly, her responses regarding the ballot defeat do not bode well for her tenure as a trustee.

Her statements that it was hard to put the question “into simplistic terms” and to see if it is “worth putting back before voters and do a better job of educating people to what it means” are both arrogant and condescending. Along with most of the electorate, I didn’t need the issue put into simplistic terms, nor did I need further “education” to understand it’s meaning and potential ramifications.

I simply did not agree with their proposal. If Ms. Portscheller and the rest of the board are to effectively govern an admittedly outstanding public asset, they would do well to listen to voice of that public, work within the financial parameters set by them and not discount that voice as simple and uninformed.

Dave Rippy

Glenwood Springs

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