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Letter: Aspenization of Carbondale

I highly recommend that all of the fine people of Carbondale read Lorenzo Semple’s  commentary on page 6 of The Aspen Daily News dated June 10 of this year.

I was fortunate to have lived in Aspen during the time of which he speaks. I was doubly fortunate to have moved to Carbondale in 1984, mainly because of what was taking place in Aspen at that time.

In my time at the Pour House, I was witness to the same scenario that took Aspen by storm. It’s happening in Carbondale, folks.

Worker bees are being forced farther downvalley by the high cost of housing and the shortage of availability of rentals. The price of everything is going up. The wealthy are having their way, and the wonderful lifestyle that we all love will soon be a thing of the past.

I will leave you to read and heed.

Skip Bell


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