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Letter: ATHENA award a humbling experience

It is a humbling, overwhelming and very special experience to be an ATHENA award recipient. What an honor to be among women who have previously received the award, women who I greatly admire. 

Many thanks to our Glenwood Springs Chamber Resort Association. The ATHENA luncheon was an inspiring event, connecting community in recognition of people who make a difference. 

I share this award with arts educators who inspire our youth. The performing and visual arts enrich our community greatly, and I share this award in recognition of those contributions. 

Glenwood Springs has a rich history of high quality community-based dance, art, theater and music education, a history of which the community should be proud.

To you art educators, dance artists, dance educators and dance students …this one’s for you.

Many thanks to those who made the award happen.

Maurine C. Taufer,
2019 ATHENA award recipient

Glenwood Springs

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