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Letter: Awakening the giant

Bruno, yes we actually are the worst of the worst. This is part and parcel to being an empire, in denial of being such, and have always been empirical in our foreign policy. So much so that our former Secretary of State and current indited war criminal Henry Kissinger can still give the present POTUS foreign policy advise rather than face up to the courts of international justice.

This is because apologists like you, who have been cultivated to speak the group mind as if it’s a deep and personal form of wisdom, brought to the fore by actual experience. All to blame the other party for ourselves being tools. Divide to conquer.

You and the whole herd of Republicans (led to slaughter) seem to miss the point of the investigation. It is to keep government from doing unto ourselves what we’ve done unto others. But this does require a full inventory of our short and lively history as oppressors.

Our furthering the inhuman goals of profit margins under the guise of spreading democracy. Like a War on Terror against our own self-created terrorist — remember all our present enemies were previous allies — to keep the military industrial objective humming no matter the human cost.

Before the addict hits rock bottom there is much blame and denial to cycle through. Much grief, fear and anger between systemic apathy and functioning responsibility. If nothing else happens before Trump defects to [possibly] Russia — like others of history’s corrupt potentates — his administration has woken us up.

The question now is will this sleeping giant roll over and insist our political drug of choice (both brands) keep us in our stupor. Or will we take that first hard step into admitting that the injustices that gained for us the position of the world’s sole superpower, where our hegemony weaponizes financial institutions, to punish those whose governance differs from ours, and don’t lockstep agree with our worldview, will not cause harsh and grievous blowback.

Will we begin to take responsibility for what we become, or sulk back into blaming one hand for the actions of the other?

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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