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Letter: Backing for Schwartz

Voters, this is your chance to end congressional obstructionism and start seeing progress on the tough issues facing us — by voting for former state Sen. Gail Schwartz for Congress.

Rep. Scott Tipton is part of a Congress that wouldn’t work with the Senate or White House to address even the simplest of our country’s needs — just look at the record.

Since September 2009 the Republican Congress passed 33 short-term continuing resolutions for surface transportation. How does CDOT plan big projects when dollars are only authorized for a few months at a time? Answer: They can’t. The five-year transportation authorization Congress finally approved was actually funded for only three years, again creating uncertainty and hindering implementation of larger projects.

Opportunities were squandered during the recession as citizens struggled, a do-nothing Congress unable to set a tax rate to induce the repatriation of international corporate profits, trillions of dollars that would have stimulated our economy and reduced our deficit.

And don’t forget the economically damaging government shutdown, a stunt supported by Rep. Tipton. This year the obstructionists couldn’t pass time-sensitive Zika funding because they tied it to defunding Planned Parenthood.

We need a congressional representative willing to work across the aisle to solve problems, and strong enough to stand for country over party instead of standing, as Tipton has, for Donald Trump despite his reprehensible behavior and rhetoric.

There are great reasons to vote for Gail Schwartz: She opposes the disastrous transfer American public lands to the states movement, and she understands that with natural gas and renewables now a cheaper energy source than coal, we must proactively help coal communities through a difficult transition. Gail Schwartz’s record in the Colorado Senate is of bipartisanship and getting things done: securing funding for rural schools, protecting West Slope water, a work ethic and commitment to Colorado that is unquestioned.

To get the economy back on track and congress working on the real issues, to break through the gridlock and the obstructionism, please join me and vote for Gail Schwartz for Congress.

Rachel E. Richards

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