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Letter: Bad biker behavior

Thank you for your piece in Tuesday’s paper about bicycle safety. I believe another article would be appropriate.

While driving in the Roaring Fork Valley I have witnessed many bicycle riders who do not obey traffic laws or observe common courtesy.

I see them crossing in pedestrian crosswalk both with and without the light.

I commonly see them blowing through both stop signs and traffic lights.

I frequently see bicycle riders on sidewalks disregarding the safety and rights of both pedestrians and motorists.

Many times I have driven up behind bicycle riders who refuse to move from the center of the lane to allow motor vehicles to safely pass.

While driving through towns on Highway 82 and on side streets, I constantly have to be on the lookout for bicycle riders swerving in front of my car or motorcycle without signaling.

Time and space prevent me from presenting more specific examples, but I’m sure that other motorists could provide many more. In short both motorists and bicycle riders can improve their behavior on our roads, and riding a bicycle does not exempt you from obeying traffic laws.

Al Scholz


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