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Letter: Bad hunters

In the last two weekends, I have witnessed new techniques of hunting in our little valley in New Castle: shooting from vehicles, shooting from the county road and poaching — both on private property and by willful destruction of wildlife. The so-called “hunters” involved are using radios to call back-up vehicles to pick up carcasses that have not even been gutted. It’s no wonder to me why our deer populations are assumed to be down — these “hunters” are shooting spikes and fork horns that cross the road in front of them.

Since we are in a buck-only unit, there are no bucks to be found anymore — they are killed as babies. This past weekend, someone deliberately shot and killed a full-size doe while driving by as she stood feet from the county road. They managed to hit her in the head with a small-caliber rifle shot, probably a .22.

She fell downhill into a dry irrigation ditch, where I’m sure the shooter thought no one would ever see or find her. That was until someone walked the ditch and actually did find her. Numerous calls to law enforcement and our CPW officers finally drew some attention to this situation.

Please be aware that the residents have had enough of this. We have your plate numbers, we have you on camera and we will turn you in. Excuse me if I don’t adopt the motto of “Hug a Hunter.” I would rather do just the opposite to you. Get in the woods where you belong, and get off of our private property and county roads.

Jill McAlice

New Castle


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