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Letter: Bad Manors

Manors 1 and 2 are receiving much-needed repairs and updating. However, the residents are being subjected to unlivable conditions.

Work in Manor 1 began in December. The residents were relocated to motels or family or friends. The first part of January, they were moved back into their apartments. But the work was not completed yet.

In January, Manor 2 residents were relocated in the same way. Monday, Feb. 10, they were moved back into their apartments. I visited a friend the afternoon of Feb 14. Where are the building inspectors?

The work is nowhere near completed. The drywall dust hangs in the air. Part of the cupboards in my friend’s kitchen were replaced, but there were large holes in the ceiling, the hood over the range was hanging down, resting on the stove so that it is difficult to cook a meal. There was no furniture in the apartment, so she slept on the floor. The kitchen and bathroom still have work to be done. The walls are to be painted. There are openings in the ceiling with exposed pipes and wires.

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These residents are elderly, handicapped and/or have health issues. One gentleman who uses a wheelchair told me the grab bars in his apartment have not been reinstalled and he is afraid of falling. During the day the residents must leave their apartments. It is winter, for goodness sake.

If a normal residence was in this condition, a certificate of occupancy would not be granted. I am appalled at the way these people are being treated. The county commissioners have been contacted, legal help has been sought, letters have been written to Monroe Group and Steele Properties, to the governor, to TV stations, to Garfield Health and Human Services, all to no avail.

No one is willing to stand up and say, “Stop!” I felt I must speak up on their behalf and make the community aware the situation. Monroe Group and Steele Properties should be held accountable.

Joyce Yoder

Glenwood Springs

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