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Letter: Bad reason to not register

While helping register voters locally this year, I’ve run across a handful of people who decline to register because they believe doing so means that they will automatically be called for jury duty.

In answer to the question “How was I chosen for jury service?” the Colorado Judicial Branch website has the following information: “Each year, the Judicial Branch receives lists of names including registered voter records, drivers’ licenses, non-driver IDs, and state income tax records.” https://www.courts.state.co.us/Jury/FAQs.cfm

So, if the goal is to avoid jury duty (a questionable goal in my view), one might just as well opt to not drive or to not pay taxes as to not register to vote.

One can register, in a few minutes at govotecolorado.com. Make your voice heard. Register. Vote.

Joyce L. Jenkins

Glenwood Springs

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