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Letter: Bad recycling location

I understand the need to relocate the recycle center. What I do not understand is why move it out of town (14.4 miles round trip from current recycle center, not 4 miles as stated in the paper.) Having the recycle center located at the South Canyon landfill will be inconvenient, make it more difficult to recycle, reduce the number of materials recycled, increase traffic to and from the landfill and shorten the life of the landfill.

Something the council has not considered is that many residents have limited storage facilities for recycle items and must visit a recycle center every week or every other week. This move could result in items that may have been recycled in the past ending up in the landfill. If the landfill recycle center does not get the use the downtown center does, there could be up to 567 more trucks carrying up to 17,000 cubic yards more to the landfill annually, per the paper.

Recycling is a city service just as plowing the streets, police and fire services, spring cleanup and the other city amenities paid for from our property and sales taxes.

There are several locations in the city for the recycle center. Some are 1. The old rodeo grounds. 2. The snow dump just off Coach Miller Drive (by the dog park). 3. Next to the MOC, and maybe other locations in the city.

If the reader of this letter is at all concerned with the recycle center being moved to the South Canyon landfill, contact your City Council member and express your opinion. Email addresses for the mayor and council members are listed in the city’s website.

Attend the council meeting the first and third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. Let your views be heard. Let’s come together to find a better solution as to where the new recycle center should be located.

Joe O’Donnell
Glenwood Springs

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