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Letter: Bad vote, Bennet

First of all, let me thank Sen. Bennet for his vote against the latest health care bill (the “skinny repeal.”

Having given him accolades for that vote, I was greatly disappointed by his recent vote to confirm David Bernhardt as the No. 2 man at the Department of the Interior. Bennet has long been a believer in global warming and has spoken out forcefully on the issue.

How could he then vote to confirm a man who will be no friend of any laws and regulations that would seek to curb greenhouse gases? In his confirmation hearing, Bernhardt said that policy decisions would be made according the administration’s agenda. I don’t think we need to be reminded what that agenda says about global warming.

In the statement Bennet released after his vote to confirm, he said “we are counting on Bernhardt to uphold his commitment to protect Colorado’s methane rules. We’re also grateful for his commitment to protect Colorado’s public lands.”

He will be the No. 2 steward of our public lands, waters and everything they support, and yet he has spent most of his working life attacking all of that on behalf of some of the biggest polluters on the planet. What can possibly give Bennet confidence that he will protect our public lands?

It is obvious from Bernhardt’s past actions regarding global warming and protection of our public lands that like his boss, President Trump, he will continue to value special interests over the public good. It is beyond my logic how Bennet could vote for such a person.

Doug Rhinehart

Woody Creek

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