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Letter: Balanced vision for GWS

I met Jonathan Godes for the first time when he knocked on my door a month ago. Since that time I have seen him at least a dozen times throughout south Glenwood with his clipboard in hand, engaging the neighborhood and talking about the possibilities for a better Glenwood.

Jonathan isn’t running a glossy campaign with color-coordinated balloons, pretty banners and empty talk. He’s running on a campaign built of true substance. He has a deep and nuanced understanding of the issues that face us as a community, particularly infrastructure projects like Midland Avenue and the South Bridge projects.

Anyone who has traveled down Midland has witnessed the circus of pothole dodging, seemingly intoxicated drivers trying to save their tires. Jonathan has real plans to build capacity for Glenwood through strategic partnering and thinking differently. He’s well-versed on transportation, community infrastructure and fiscal measures. It’s easy to identify obstacles and talk broadly about fixing Glenwood’s challenges. It’s another to be able to think critically about strategies, capitalize on opportunities and find win-win solutions that actually move the needle toward change.

Jonathan struck me as passionate about Glenwood. His work with local early childhood networks is entirely relevant to those of us raising families in the Roaring Fork. He has the substance, experience and leadership skills to turn that passion into action and accountability. I believe Jonathan would be a huge asset for our City Council and would help move Glenwood and its families toward a brighter future.

Roger Poirier
Glenwood Springs

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