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Letter: Ballot push anti-ag

Evidently, anti-energy activists are going to try again even though their attempt in 2016 didn’t even make the ballot. The language they filed seeks “2,500 foot buffer zones between oil and gas development and occupied buildings, such as homes and schools and vulnerable areas, such as playgrounds and drinking water sources.”

Not only is this buffer zone needlessly excessive, it has devastating consequences for the ag community. Ag and energy have worked together collaboratively for years, and this proposal blatantly flies in the face of that partnership.

This tells me one of two things is happening. Either whoever’s proposing this hasn’t considered the impact on agriculture in Colorado, or they don’t care.

Whichever is true, our action remains the same. We must reject this misguided ballot measure for the sake of both our energy prosperity and our agricultural community. Passing this would obliterate both.

Keira Bresnahan

Grand Junction

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