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Letter: Banana republic

It looks like a banana republic to me. We have allowed a criminal gang of Fascist traitors called the Republican Party to “legally” loot our country. The so-called “tax reform” is but simple theft of the resources of generations. Our children, our grandchildren and those yet unborn have had their money stolen to pay for tax breaks, bonuses and outright gifts for the wealthy and the corporate masters of these servile charlatans. Each and every one of the cowards and liars who voted for that abomination, violated their oath of office to serve the best interests of the American People. They weren’t sent to congress to pass bills they didn’t bother to read. They sold out their country to International wealth and power, with the aid of at least one hostile foreign power, which has no interest, what-so-ever, in the welfare of the American people.

We have spent a year distracted by the antics of their dubiously “elected” madman, a bully, a racist/bigot, a misogynist liar and coward, the worst traitor of the rotten bunch. As we have been distracted and entertained by this dangerous fool, our government infrastructure, tradition and laws have been quietly dismantled and destroyed. The State Department, Education, Environmental Protection, voting rights, human rights, health care and much more, wounded, dismembered, destroyed. We can never replace the human talent for operating our government, that greed, lack of care and intentional malicious action have cost our nation. This, in face of the rising power of China and the deviousness of Russia, who plays this band of Quislings like a balalaika. I say it’s treason to leave an idiot/child in office and risk nuclear war for political and monetary gain. The entire party is clearly guilty of obstruction of justice. The leadership should be arrested, impeached and then tried for treason. They have bent over backwards to impede the various legitimate investigations and run a sham one to try and hush up the affair. The phony attacks on the FBI are more than disgraceful, they are obstructive and traitorous as well.

R.W. “Doc” Boyle

New Castle

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