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Letter: Basalt’s decision

Editor’s note: This letter is from a high school student.

The Basalt City Council’s decision to send a welcoming message to immigrants will be risky and is likely to face debate on the immigration issue.

Ever since Donald Trump’s presidential victory Nov. 8, immigration has been a hot topic. Polls shows that nearly half of Americans oppose the cities that house undocumented immigrants, or so called sanctuary cities. What Basalt is clearly doing is similar but is showing a symbolic opinion that everyone, citizen or immigrant, is a human being. Some cities like Los Angeles have taken steps such as declaring schools safe zones for immigrants. Hopefully Basalt and many other schools across the district are following these steps to ensure a safe community.

The decision that Basalt took is indeed a very strong decision, despite being in the most troublesome times. I personally hope that everyone, being citizen or immigrant, will have the same potential for the greater good in our society.

We also should not forget that everyone has different views of this decision, and we should always respect each other’s views whether you agree with it or not.

Dylan Solano
Glenwood Springs

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