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Letter: Be aware of chem trails

If residents in this area looked at the sky works display on Thursday it would be clear that weather modification is real.   

Instead of the usual scattered trails that dissipate over a few hours, the entire sky was blanketed with chem trails. They were successful in blotting out the sun for a good part of the day.  

HAARP (High Frequency Auroral Research Program) was begun some years back to study the particulate matter of the atmosphere leading to methods of climate control and alteration.  

One of the substances now being  used is aluminum, which is not “body friendly.”

Politicians say nothing when challenged and asked about use of our own Air Force to implement this activity. Chem trails are now all over the country but perhaps more prevalent in the Southwest.

Block the sun to fight “global warming” is the mantra used by the secret powers in control. Aluminum and whatever else drifts down over human population. 

What else might be behind spraying? I challenge people to wake up, do some research, and explore other motivations in some of what is happening all over the world.  

There are questionable vaccines, altered food crops, continued dangerous pesticide spraying. There is no D.C. activity against Monsanto and Big Pharma.

Chem trails are not con trails from ordinary jet traffic. Ordinary con trails are narrow and disappear very quickly.  

Most of the chem trails tend to run east to west, and the planes are at such a high altitude that they would not be coming from any nearby airport in this area.      

Carol Abbott     

Battlement Mesa

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