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Letter: Be ready for anything

On Jan. 15, I was involved in a snowmobile accident on the Flat Tops, and I wanted to thank all of the volunteers and crew members that assisted in my rescue. You never know when trouble is going to happen, and being properly prepared is of the utmost importance.

All of these people had the proper supplies necessary to assist in my rescue, from firestarters, space blankets, water, food, splints, first aid kits and more. These people jumped in and took care of a stranger and were sincerely concerned for my safety. They started fires to keep me warm, splinted my leg, fed me and tried to keep me relaxed and dry.

I want to thank all of you, but I don’t know all of your names. If you were there that day, thank you. I also want to extend a personal thank you to the Rifle Snowmobile Club and its members, Dana, John, Julie, Levi, Peter, Claire with the Forest Service, and the Classic Air Flight for Life Crew. Please remember, if you’re going to be riding snowmobiles, ensure that you pack the proper items needed in case of an emergency.

Tina Holtz

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