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Letter: Beauty of tattoos

Editor’s note: Today’s letters are from students.

Tattoos are a way of expressing who you are and how you feel in a visual way. They are a decoration to your body and show who you are.

You wouldn’t leave a canvas blank, so why is it so hard for a person if they decide to paint it? My body’s a temple, and I should be able to decorate it how ever I like, and it should not affect how others see me. How someone looks on the outside should not be a replacement for a conversation and really getting to know a person.

These first-glance judgments of people are the reason that there is so much hate, war and fighting in the world. People fight people because of their skin color or the way they dress. If people took a second to get to know each other, they would see that we are more similar than we all realize, and outside appearances don’t make up a person.

The stigma around tattoos needs to change. They are seen as bad, and so many people judge the person on the tattoo, but if we appreciated tattoos as the art that they are, we would only see beauty.

Chamonix Labare
New Castle

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