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Letter: Being here legally

“Immigrants who want to stay here should do it legally.” We hear that everywhere. Every time a newspaper publishes a story about an immigrant struggling with the immigration laws, there is someone to say, “If you want to work here, do it legally.”

I agree with them. Immigrants should be here legally and they want to be. They try it so hard. They pay thousands of dollars for years trying to get some documents that allow them to be here by the book. That’s actually what a lot of them they are fighting for: to be here legally. I can guarantee you that is one of the biggest dreams of an immigrant family: to be allowed to do things right.

Immigrant families pay taxes, food, rent, transportation, bills — so, you bet they would love to be able to have the respect they deserve, to have the peace of mind of being able to drive to work without the fear of deportation, just like any other good citizen, just like any other hardworking person. Since the very beginning, when their immigrant story begins, they would rather pay $5,000 to the government for a work visa that allowed them to come in and get out of the country as needed, rather than paying more thousands of dollars to a creepy coyote to cross the border.

Talk to any immigration lawyer and find out the real reasons why these people are not documented. Ask them about the time and money it takes and the probability that they will be accepted. If we have immigrants working here, it is because we need them, plain and simple. Most of the local and national industries are struggling to find employees. It’s a fact: we need more workers and, if things go right, the demand will just increase in future years.

Samuel Bernal-Urbina


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