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Letter: Benefits of government services

I was disappointed by the poor judgment of the PI in selecting the editorial cartoon of January 4th that equates Big Government with an overweight pig.

Perhaps PI and all of us need to be reminded that it is the federal government employees working for FAA that safely guide planes into airports that we all use. It is the Coast Guard and Army that rescues people during the three hurricanes we had this summer. It is federal employees at FEMA that go in and arrange for temporary housing for those that lost their homes. It is firefighters with the USFS, state and local governments that risk their lives saving our homes. It is federal employees that work at VA hospitals rehabilitating those who risked their lives in defense of our country. Federal employees are the USDA food inspectors, and the list goes on.

While we all like tax cuts, these tax cuts have a cost of reducing funds needed to provide these many services and many other less visible services that we, our friends, neighbors and fellow citizens depend on everyday.

John Loomis

Glenwood Springs

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