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Letter: Best, least-publicized decision

On Nov. 28, the Carbondale Board of Trustees decided to buy about 200 kilowatts of power from Micro Grid Energy’s solar garden near Rifle. Town Manager Jay Harrington says this will increase Carbondale’s percentage of renewable energy to 50 percent. The town’s move toward 100 percent renewables depend on the upgrade of the wastewater plant, which is currently only 30 percent renewable, and the development of Holy Cross’s solar farm north of town, he said.

This is big news. I happen to believe climate change is the most important issue on earth; bigger than the economy (sorry Bill Clinton), bigger than immigration, bigger than terrorism, bigger than world peace. The future of life on this planet really is at stake. When a small town like Carbondale takes steps like this, never mind it will save them money, it shows commitment.

I heard about the decision on KDNK the next day. The Sopris Sun dutifully reported it in their weekly edition on Nov. 30. None of the three valley dailies had anything about it. Many of the staff of the dailies live in Carbondale. How could they miss it?

Time to wake up PI, Aspen Times and Aspen Daily News. Combating climate change is the wave of the future.

Fred Malo Jr.



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