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Letter: Better transparency on S. Midland

The Glenwood Springs City Council is considering a major upgrade of South Midland Avenue. Like many residents, I’m interested in the project. I’ve attended two City Council meetings and a work session. I wanted to understand the details of the proposed project, so I asked for an e-mail copy of the plans.

I realize they’re preliminary, but by the time they’re finalized, it’s too late for any citizen input. Twice, my councilman said he would e-mail them to me, but has not. The assistant city engineer said he would e-mail them to me, but did not, and did not answer my e-mails.

Last week, he told me in person that if I wanted to see them, I should file a request under the Freedom of Information Act. Is this what Glenwood Springs has become? I don’t think these plans are top secret, and I know other people have seen them. And I don’t think City Council really intends to make it this hard for citizens to learn about the project.

So, I invite the Council to post the full plans, as they exist today, on the city’s website, and publicize the link in the Post Independent, so all interested citizens can see exactly what is being discussed. Transparency is good government.

Jon Banks

Glenwood Springs

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