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Letter: Better vetting?

Ah, the smoke and mirror act of Donald Trump for his base.

While being a great big sniveling baby about the judiciary and his travel ban that was intended to be a 90-day tool used to implement stronger vetting procedures from select countries, he neglects to inform us or the minority of people who actually support or respect him about the improvements and implementations regarding an improved vetting process.

With the travel ban tied up in court for far more time than it was promised to implement the huge, much better vetting program, how come nobody asks, “Why is there no new vetting program?”

Oh, that’s right, he says “believe me” so much that they actually do, just like his health care plan, which was never even in a rough draft during his campaign or the single-page draft tax plan so poorly conceived that it will never remotely make it through the House or Senate.

As for “the wall,” have any of you been to the two deserts that make up the thousands of square miles that we share much of our border with Mexico? Probably not. I would suggest that perhaps Donald should try taking Melania, Ivanka and Barron by the hands and try walking through about a mile of it and make a reality show of that. Yeah, we really need an $8 billion wall to protect all that rock, cactus and scrub.

Marco Diaz


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