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Letter: Beware poisoned grain

I throw my whole grain on the ground in my chicken coop for the birds to feast on. Often I find grains uneaten even though squirrels, doves, crows and deer all share in the feast.

Last time I picked up three sacks of whole grains for the chooks, I got a bag of barley, even though I knew it was unpopular. I mixed it in and threw it on the ground as usual. I was astounded to see that no one would eat it. It lay festering on the sweet black loam the chickens turn their yard into. The chooks wouldn’t even eat anything put down on the top of the poisoned barley.

Googling around I discovered that grain crops are often sprayed with Glyphosate (roundup) right before they are harvested to ‘harden’ the grains for harvest. One could kill a horse with the toxin if that is the only food offered, and I now understand why beer has been shown to have a high glyphosate content and thus the people that love it, too, (like me).

I now throw a bit of grain out to judge the bird’s reaction and if I should mix it in. Because I didn’t do that before, I now feed in pans to be able to dump poisoned grains to where the poison can be transformed by bacteria and viruses.

Breweries beware: Pay the extra $20 for 50 pounds of organic and or test each sack on a flock to determine the degree of toxin present.

John Hoffmann


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