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Letter: Beware uses in city code rewrite

How would you like a cell tower in your neighborhood? If you live in residential zone districts R/1/6 or R/1/7.5 you were sent a letter June 15 from the city’s Community Development Department regarding the consolidation of these two districts into one, RM1. 

Look at page 4 and read the list of “Industrial Uses” for RM1. Along with this consolidation, the new code would allow multiple types of cellular facilities in many of our residential neighborhoods (pending special use permits). In addition to the obvious visual impacts of cellular installations, they could also have significant economic impacts such as lowered property values.

If this concerns you, please send your written comments/concerns to Gretchen.Ricehill@cogs.us, or deliver them to her office at the city’s Community Development Department, City Hall, 101 W. Eighth St. The deadline for written comments is this Friday, July 6. A City Council hearing on the new code is set for 6 p.m. July 19.

Let’s maintain and protect the beauty and value of our residential neighborhoods.

Elizabeth J. Phillips

Glenwood Springs

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