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Letter: Bicycle rules

It is great to see so many adjusting to the Grand Avenue bridge project by using alternate modes of transportation. And kudos to the city for assisting with new bike lanes on Pitkin, a south Eighth Street connection on the Rio Grand Trail, new wayfinding, the new Sixth/Laurel underpass, stairs to the 14th Street bridge.

We need to follow the rules of the road for bikes. I have seen many bikes just running stop signs (on Blake and other streets), no signaling of stops or turns, an e-bike riding south in the northbound emergency lane on Grand. I have seen far more instances of courteous riding by individuals and families.

We are, by law, required to follow http://colobikelaw.com/tips.html, https://www.bicyclecolorado.org/ride-colorado/rules-of-the-road/ and https://www.codot.gov/programs/bikeped/information-for-bicyclists/bike-ped-manual.

The Glenwood police have been issuing tickets to bike riders ignoring the rules of the road and the law.

Let’s ride aware and legal and safe and have fun. Hopefully the increased riding and walking will continue long after the Grand Avenue bridge is complete. Pedal on!

Sumner Schachter

Glenwood Springs

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