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Letter: Bills should stand alone

I can hardly understand the stupidity of our elected lawmakers, the representatives of the people. Did any of you want a government shutdown? I didn’t.

If I had the opportunity to go to Washington, if I thought they would listen I’d tell them what a bunch of asses they are and that the solution is so unbelievably simple. With an issue as important as keeping the government running, or any issue deemed important, in fact every issue that comes before the United States Congress should be voted on as a stand-alone bill.

Every bill should stand on its own merit with the debate only on the pros and cons of that one issue. Imagine how effective the people’s representatives could be if they sat and debated one bill, looking only at the heart and body of one bill, considering only one bill at a time without being encumbered with other issues attached or amended to it.

When the debate has ended it would be time to vote on that one bill, standing alone for all to see, all of the bill’s good and bad, waiting for its yes or no vote. Imagine how much our people’s representatives could accomplish.

Parting shot, who in the government is still fully funded while 800,000 employees are furloughed? The United States Congress.

Gary Kirchberg

New Castle

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