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Letter: Blip in geologic time

In reviewing the rock slide on Red Mountain Tuesday [July 10], one may ponder the frequency of such an event. Has anyone in the past 130 years witnessed one of this scale? If not, this begs the question of such an iconic artist’s landscape: How long does it take all the geologic processes to form?

Obviously, this rock slide is a minor event in the formation of the Roaring Fork/Colorado River valley.

So, we find our civilization a fleeting blip. The stones of prehistory are our friends, in as much as they serve in buildings and roads, and yet they are ancient beyond prehistory.

As the diversity in years merges, we are neighbors to ancient cultures: Egyptian, Mayan, Indian and all known and unknown. The universe is now dated at 4 billion years or so, so what’s 100 million in the Roaring Fork Valley? How does that affect us? It should make us humble to see the scope of creation.

It is summarized poetically by the Gershwin brothers: “The Rockies may crumble, Gibraltar may tumble, they’re only made of clay, but our love is here to stay.” For this moment in time, Amen.

Fred Stewart

Grand Junction

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