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Letter: Book opportunity was limited

This letter is in response to Emzy Veazy III of Aspen.

Your letter in the June 12 paper questions why only two teachers from Basalt showed up at the library to collect books reflected a lack of understanding regarding teachers. As one who also receives emails from the Basalt library I know the email was sent out with very short notice.

Also if you would notice, the books were given away the day after school had been closed for the year. How were those teachers supposed to get the books into their students’ hands? Should they store them and transport them around for the summer till next year’s classes?

Thirdly, the books were to be picked up on a weekend; I am unsure of how many teachers who teach in Basalt live in Basalt. I know that a great majority of the teachers don’t live in the area where they teach due to cost of living.

You spoke of the teachers shirking their pedagogical duties. Pedagogy is defined as the function of the work of a teacher; teaching, the art or science of teaching, education and instructional methods. It by no means is defined as teachers picking up books on the weekend. Yes, it is sad that this opportunity was not utilized to its fullest. It is also sad that a public library opened this opportunity up to only one community. I was disappointed when reading my email that I could not take part in this opportunity.

Emzy then tried to tie the collection of books to government slave labor and Habitat for Humanity, which has nothing to do with books. I don’t teach in Basalt. I do know how hard they work and what struggles they face on a day-to-day basis. One missed opportunity does not wash out all the good they do. Maybe the library will hold this great event during the school year and during the school day so that a teacher can bring their kids to pick out a book in person.

Katina Leatherby

New Castle

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