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Letter: Bridge affects students

Getting to school early in the morning can be a struggle, especially when there is traffic. I am currently a junior at Glenwood Springs High School. As we all know, there is a bridge being built that has already started to create traffic troubles.

As many of my peers and teachers get to school using the bridge, we will see that it’s going to affect our everyday lives. Traffic will make it hard to get to school on time. Many students will have to wake up earlier or have to find someway to get to school on time. This will probably have some kids staying home from time to time, but as hard as it may be I encourage everyone to make it to school each and every single day. It definitely will be a challenge for many of us trying to get to school, but we have to be smart by getting up earlier, so that we can make it on time.

As we have already been informed, we will start the next school year a bit later, which really just messes up the school year that we’ll all be used to. With that being said, it is very important that we all stay updated and informed on how the bridge project is going by reading the Post Independent.

Luis Mariano
Glenwood Springs

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