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Letter: Bridging thoughts

After returning from the Hot Springs Lodge and Pool mandatory employee informative meeting, it also promoted the options of what is available traveling through our town. RFTA is affording free transportation approximately every 15 minutes from 27th Street to the West Glenwood mall. For most, that may ease the commute. There is more accessible parking made available in West Glenwood and designated areas in and around town.

Yes, it will take extra time, an hour or more if the vehicle load is not lessened by 700 cars during peak hours of 6-9 a.m. and 3:30-6:30 p.m., and perhaps, the possibility of only a 15-minute delay, if we continue to be creative with learning and using the options.

What resonates more are the subtle benefits. We are learning to participate in a bigger picture.

Never has CDOT closed a heavy traffic route to build a bridge. It opted for high pain and less duration. Rest assured, there will be stories and finding the humor will be the gift. We will be changing our habits, a good thing, walking, biking, using less gas, listening to more books on tape and sharing what we are doing, as each of us is making the changes to ride this wave of the bridge coming down and going up.

Let’s “Work together and Bridge together,” add the pause to promote positivity and patience.

I cheer and celebrate the opportunity to witness history in the making and before we know it. We will have a Grand bridge.

Annig Agemian Raley

Glenwood Springs

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