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Letter: Bruno responds

To Ruth Senta ( PI Letters-2/1): I understand the difference between a promise you or I might make, Ruth, and campaign rhetoric. Show me a politician who keeps all his “promises” and I’ll show you a mute politician.

As for John Hoffmann (PI Letters 2/3) who thinks my opinion of illegal immigration is “pitiful,” I say thus:

You’re “one big happy” world view of globalization has no basis in history or reality. You want to play Mother Theresa to all the poor in the world on the other guy’s dime. You are part of the blame America first crowd.

I champion my fellow American citizens first, last and always no matter their color, religion or gender, and that goes double for our veterans. In the future, John, I would like you to take your self-righteous judgmental attitude and deposit it someplace which the sun doesn’t illuminate.

And, I don’t own a truck.

Bruno Kirchenwitz


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