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Letter: Buford Road accidents frequent since gravel dump

Doing the speed limit on a newly maintained county road should not have put our daughter’s life in danger, but it did. This fall all the roads approaching West Elk Creek (Buford Road, 245) received smooth asphalt. However, the road was stripped and large-sized gravel was dumped. On Oct. 27, our daughter got a wheel caught in the deep gravel at the edge of the road, lost control, and rolled our 4Runner. Fortunately she was not injured, although the vehicle was a total loss. The state patrolman investigating the accident remarked that the road used to be 12 feet on each side of the center, but with the gravel at the edges, now measured just 10 feet on either side. We feel this loose gravel was the cause of the accident.

In another incident, last Saturday (the day before Sunday’s snowfall), a snowplow heading north on CR 245 forced our daughter off the road into the ditch by driving too fast in the middle of the road around a curve, then barreled on by, leaving her there.

Another state patrolman we know has told us accidents are frequent on the Buford Road since the gravel was dumped, not sealed, rather than laying asphalt as on many other roads in our area, including the cutoff road from 245 to Harvey Gap. Several years ago the road from New Castle to Harvey Gap was redone with chip and seal, and within a week, it was being torn up and redone. The reason, I was told, was that cyclists complained about the size of the gravel used.

So, here is our complaint — also lodged with Garfield County Road & Bridge. We’ll see if we rate the consideration of local cyclists.

Jack Jabbour

New Castle

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