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Letter: Cable, satellite packages greedy

The greed that has attached itself to our country is not unnoticed. Complaints are loud about many issues that are not even constitutional responsibilities of the federal government. However, we do have mandates regarding nationwide communications.

The greatest scam going on that affects nearly every household is the monopoly of the largest television service providers; lure in with a low cost and then, wham, up it goes.

Mine with Direct TV just took a $45 jump a month for the lowest package making my total communications bill a whopping $200, and I am single on a retirement income. Viewers are invited to a selection of 100+ channels, most of which are useless garbage and an insult to intelligence. There are five channels I watch, and one or two more requiring the highest set offered.

These companies are deliberate in putting some of the prime programs at the top cost. If they can engineer packages simply for financial benefit, they could engineer in another direction acknowledging rising cost of living and stagnant income.

My suggestions:

1. Lower all prices; 2. Offer a senior discount; 3. Create a decent standard package, with an option of adding two more of your own choice.

But, with corporate greed as it is, there is still scamming. The ad time now equals program time. The number of sales channels are ridiculous. re-runs are aired for almost the entire year. Soap operas are near porn. Children’s programming flaunts fake sets, designer clothing and the ridicule of bumbling adults. Last but not the least, fake news captive of one political party. Living alone, it is pretty difficult to give up some evening entertainment, but it may come to that.

People should be angry.

Carol Abbott


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