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Letter: Caloia: Steel and compassion

Smart. Tough. Visionary.

A record of justice to the victim and accountability for the criminal. This DA has the experience to use the justice system to get results.

If you are a serious criminal, do not vote for Sherry Caloia. If you are a bad actor, move. You are in serious trouble with DA Sherry Caloia.

If, on the other hand, you are a juvenile or a first-time offender of a lesser crime, she may keep you from being swallowed up by the criminal justice system. She may keep you from being branded for the rest of your life. You will not get off the hook. You will restore your victim.

You will have to commit to a monitored program to get yourself back to being a contributor, not a criminal. Sherry Caloia has proven she knows when to be tough and when to use the system of justice to restore a person to society.

If you want a DA with a spine of steel and a sense of compassion, vote for Sherry Caloia.

Suzanne Lavin

Glenwood Springs

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