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Letter: Campaign for the libraries, 6A

Dear friends and neighbors, our libraries need your help. As you may know, the libraries will have a question on this next ballot: Question 6A. The Post Independent had an excellent article explaining the question in a recent issue on the front page. I encourage you to read it.

What the libraries need is your “Yes” vote on 6A which, if successful, will allow the libraries to keep the tax revenue already collected and all the money collected in the future. As many of you know, the district has been faced with diminishing income, staff cuts and cuts to their hours of operation, which have resulted also in dramatic cuts to new books.

With a successful ballot, the district will use the money approved by the public in a ballot in 2006, to purchase approximately 7,000 new books, e-books, audiobooks, for children, young adults and adults each year.

The ballot is quite long, and the question is near the end.  Don’t give up before you get near the bottom, and please vote “Yes” on 6A, and share this with family and friends.

Nella Barker


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