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Letter: Can kickers can’t focus on needs

People writing in to show support of the streets tax, understand and remember who kicked the can down the road. It wasn’t the taxpayers. It was the countless City Council members over years and years.

As of right now, the current can kickers can’t seem to focus on true needs. Rather, they salivate over wants such as the Confluence area, the South Bridge, the North Landing, the possible airport redevelopment, and let’s not forget their golden child known as Seventh Street.

Note that I had a very difficult time finding out exactly how much the city is thinking of spending on just the South Bridge project, but I believe it is between $36 and $56 million. That higher price tag sure sounds like our streets fix price tag, doesn’t it?

Rather than blowing wads of your tax money on the wants listed above, City Council should instead take all that money and focus on the current need: fixing our streets. Only after they get the road issue resolved should they then be allowed to dream up other huge expensive projects. At least that’s how I think we could hold their feet to the fire, as the Post Independent suggested in a prior published editorial.

Glenwood is inundated with tourists. Every year the numbers grow. So don’t buy into any propaganda that the wants above are needed – they are not. The Adventure Park, Hanging Lake, rafting, fishing, skiing, and the hot springs are here to stay, and the tourists will still come without any of the above wants. Trust me.

Dave Heyliger,

Glenwood Springs

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