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Letter: Can’t get 6 Rifle streetlights fixed

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For over two and a half months I have been trying to get fixed six street/pole lights located at the on and off ramps to I-70 and on the main street bridge that crosses the Colorado River.

I started by contacting CDOT. My first call was answered by a rude man who told me, “I should call 911.” Realizing that he thought I meant the stop lights I called back explaining they were “street lights,” and the next fella said he would relay the information. Two weeks later still no street lights. 

The following week seeing a Rifle Police officer on late evening duty at Walmart I approached him and expressed my concerns about the very dark intersection with all the street lights out. He said it was his first night on duty and he hadn’t noticed, but he would send a message to CDOT.

After another week of no lights I sent an e-mail to CDOT, who responded by telling me it was “the city of Rifle’s responsibility.” 

I then called the city of Rifle and spoke to a nice man by the name of Dustin who told me it was “he believed, Xcel Energy’s responsibility,” and he would see about contacting them. The following week Dustin called saying “he was still trying to get the lights on.” 

Another week of no lights had me e-mailing Xcel Energy, where I was informed I did not provide “enough information regarding pole location.” 

As of writing, now 12 weeks with still no street lights, I was told by Amanda at Xcel Energy that she “needs an address or pole number to be able to dispatch a crew.” When I explained the only “business” in that location is the Visitors Center she said there was no listing for that Visitors Center and there was nothing she could do. 

So here I am, I have officially come to my civic duty whits end. If anyone cares about the safety of our residents could you please get this problem resolved before someone gets hurt or worse. I might also note that this is in fact the area where the man was killed by Rifle Police officers on Aug. 5. Had it gotten any darker that night those streets lights might have came in handy.

Audrey Bane


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