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Letter: Can’t trust the media

It use to be you could trust the newspapers for accuracy. You could trust the TV news people for accuracy. Frankly, you can’t trust any of you for accuracy.

I see you print a letter once in awhile that says the Post Independent is not always accurate. Its kind of like the people broadcasting a ball game. You can always tell who they want to win because its always one-sided. If the other team wins, there will be excuses that it wasn’t a fair election no matter how it turns out.

There are a lot of independents in this state and in this country, mainly because we have become disillusioned by the way things are reported. If we don’t believe the news media any more; they simply try and paint the picture that we are always wrong and you’re always right. There are a lot of people anymore who don’t believe one word you say.

The stock market that is manipulated by the bankers will either crash and burn or the stocks will soar like birds. Frankly, I would like to have my money that I put into Social Security given back to me and not given out to millions of people who never put any money into it. I am sure you have a huge rebuttal on this one, you are always right.

Jane Spaulding


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