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Letter: Capitalism at its worst

Let’s call it Trickle Me Once, Trickle Me Twice.  The Trumpublican tax “reform” is a simple reaffirmation of Ronald Reagan’s supply-side, trickle down economic platform that has resulted in the wealth and income disparity we have today. It is purely magical thinking to believe that the corporate world will share its tax windfall with the average working American whose own tax “relief,” unlike that for corporations, is set to expire.

In other words, all future deficits will fall squarely upon public rather than corporate income, and conservatives can amplify their disparagement of federal safety nets such as Medicare and Social Security.  The goal seems to be to transform America into a banana republic ruled by a wealthy, oligarchical class.  

All “isms” have positive and negative aspects, but this is capitalism at its worst.

Robert Porath                                         


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