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Letter: Carbon fee and dividend

Re: “Climate balance” (7/31): Here we go again, the climate change “skeptics”/deniers versus climate science. Let’s forget science and look at the economics of our situation. Carbon pollution from burning fossil fuels kills over 200,000 Americans annually (MIT.edu) and costs Americans over $866.5 billion annually in medical bills (Forbes).

And even if you don’t believe climate change is real, as a taxpayer, you’re already paying your share of the over $1 trillion in climate change disasters that climate scientists predicted decades ago, would occur just as they have, and those climate disasters are going to get a lot worse very soon and stay that way for centuries (Scientific American). Carbon emissions don’t dissipate, they just add on to what’s already up there, raising global temperatures higher every decade (NASA/NOAA).

One of the most frightening aspects of global warming, which few people realize, is that there’s a time delay before the consequences of our actions to become evident. The really disastrous effects won’t become obvious until it’s too late to reverse them. But I digress … back to economics:

By averting climate change disaster now, we can create over 5 million good-paying, permanent (40-year), local jobs in the U.S. (Stanford University’s solutionsproject.org) and make the vast majority of Americans better off financially at no cost to consumers or taxpayers. Now, not in the future. Google the video, “A Climate Solution Where All Sides Win” to see how it works. No government regulations, just market forces.

We simply need to pass the “Carbon Fee-and-Dividend” bill now in Congress. It’s been successful in British Columbia for the past eight years. They have the lowest emissions in North America and the best economy in Canada (The Economist).

Fossil fuel corporations pay the fee and we, the taxpayers, get the “dividends” in equal monthly “carbon dividend” checks. The fee increases annually and so do your “dividends.” Switch to cheaper clean energy and you don’t pay the tax, but still get the “dividends.” That’s projected to increase our GDP $75-80 billion annually (citizensclimatelobby.org).

The Citizens Climate Lobby website shows how we can make this happen.

Lynn Goldfarb


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