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Letter: Carbondale’s waste

I have not complained about the town of Carbondale for quite some time. Now council members have to reach in for reserves and want another tax increase. For starters seemed like we could have done with out the fancy sidewalk bulb-outs.

We could have done with a lot of expenses that could have been done without, just for good-looking items. City Market threatened to move down to Cattle Creek.

So I think you should have tightened your belts when the rest of us had to.

Seems the city fathers think that we should all be contributing to champagne tastes on a beer budget. Such as thinking we would all be driving Priuses when in fact everybody drives an SUV, and we can’t all be riding bikes down the road all the time.

This town has been supported by an older generation and feels that you could have saved some money if you had listened to some of the older workers you have. Instead you have chosen to put in lots of bike paths, and we are still paying for the Fire Department tax hike, and we are still paying for all of these new schools.

The town wanted to keep Carbondale quaint; however you are finding that keeping businesses from moving here to Carbondale means you have a lot less tax money.

You made your bed now you just pull the covers up and like it. You managed to stop all types of people from owning a business, and you have made it hard for other than the arts and crafts people to come into our town.

We now have to go to other places for a ton of things that we could very well have used, but you deemed it necessary to keep Carbondale quaint. So if you’re thinking that maybe you should have been cutting corners instead of building bulb-outs, perhaps you should have realized that eventually the wells were going to run dry and you would be left holding the bag full of promises and you don’t have the money for everyday things.

Audrey Jane Spaulding

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