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Letter: Cashing in on terror

In response to “Homegrown terrorism”   (April 13), the rhetoric of presentation is largely determined by agendas being our level of engagement with our neighbors. Not a very friendly atmosphere, and to answer Gil-Scott Heron’s question: No, because America’s exceptionalism has always been tainted by what Anglo-Saxon business wants, and the media (large and small) all survive catering to the movers and shakers who provide their sustenance through advertisements of these self-interested organizations.

The westward expansion of the railroads deemed the natives savages, not to extend the social inclusiveness (that survived the surrender of New Amsterdam) in which whites lived, but enabling their removal and settling farmers (with Old World fears of cultural differences) just getting off the boat.

The use of the mantra “terrorism” is much the same in enabling the military industrial complex to keep defense spending very high and the huddled masses beholden, via demonizing and gutting social spending, so to pre-empt the tools for climbing out of fear and thus manipulation. Warfare is this industry’s market share. The Cold War markets were replaced with the markets of terror, and now we’re facing the hybrid.

Now, the left should know it’s just as guilty as the other side. Maybe even more so, because you’ve allowed yourselves to divest individual minorities of franchisement via grouping them all together. This was intentional manipulation of manipulators, in the ’80s alloyed gay rights to the more legitimate civil rights claims of women and peoples of color to keep women two steps behind the WASP establishment and “coloreds” at least three. Now we’re the problem of any social injustice having to amend LGBT to claim a remedy.

I’m not saying LGBTs should be denied equal rights, rather asking why there’s no Women or Peoples of Color ski week in Aspen. I’m pointing out how our Orwellian rhetoric actually functions. It’s a bait and switch strategy to divide and keep conquered, so the revolution shall not be televised.

Eric Olander

Glenwood Springs

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