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Letter: ‘Cat scratch fever’ sets in

Gun enthusiast and NRA board member Ted Nugent recently criticized the student activists at Parkland High School supporting common sense gun control as “mushy-brained” and “having no soul,” among other insults.

Perhaps after a little soul-searching yourself Ted, you might realize they’re not that much different from you. You wanted to avoid the draft during the Vietnam War so you devised a plan to do that and it succeeded. You wanted to live with an underaged girl when you were an adult, so once again you developed a scheme and it worked also.

Planning and perseverance pays off doesn’t it Ted? The Parkland students and their peers around the country are tired of being shot and killed at school, so they organized and came up with a plan to get their message out and try to do something about gun violence.

You should congratulate them on their ingenuity and resolve, not disparage them like some old man yelling at kids to get off your lawn.

JM Jesse

Glenwood Springs

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