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Letter: Cattle Creek improvements

We wanted to send out a big thank-you from Cattle Creek. We have been living on Garfield County Road 113 for the past 16 years.

We had been feeling pretty neglected, first with the most dangerous intersection getting onto Colorado 82, and having the roughest road surface.

This summer we have been treated to major improvements. We now have an acceleration lane going south, and a much-improved deceleration lane to turn onto CR 113 from the north. And if that wasn’t enough, nice new pavement on Cattle Creek.

So nice, not feeling like our lives are at risk every time we drive down to the intersection of CR 113 and Colorado 82. And riding our bikes on Cattle Creek is pure joy now.

Thank you so much, the improvements are much appreciated.

Now just hoping for one more improvement — lengthening the acceleration lane going north?

Gil and Blythe Lynd

Cattle Creek

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